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  • Ziploc Bags (10)

    R27.50 inc. VAT
  • Pouch Wetbag

    R45.00 inc. VAT
  • Moontime Massage Oil

    R52.25 inc. VAT
  • Long Pantyliner (21cm)

    R60.00 inc. VAT
  • Small Pad (21cm)

    R65.00 inc. VAT
  • Medium Cloth Pad (27cm)

    R105.00 inc. VAT
  • Ultra Overnight (36cm)

    R148.00 inc. VAT
  • 3 Piece Pantyliner Set

    R150.00 inc. VAT
  • Small Starter Set

    R198.00 inc. VAT
  • Trial Cotton Cloth Pad Set

    R247.50 inc. VAT
  • 3 Piece Large Pad Set

    R310.00 inc. VAT
  • 6 Piece Pantyliner Set

    R320.00 inc. VAT
  • Basic Cloth Pad Set

    R346.50 inc. VAT
  • 3 Piece Small Pad Set

    R360.00 inc. VAT
  • Heating / Recovering Pads

    R389.00 inc. VAT
  • Medium Set Special

    R533.50 R410.00 inc. VAT
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