Anti-Insect Spot On (Dogs)
March 6, 2020
Anti-Insect Spray (Dogs)
March 6, 2020
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Anti-Insect Spray (Cats)

R225.00 inc. VAT


Spencers products treat your loved pets naturally, improving skin health and providing protection against pests, odours and stains. Our range of tried and tested products – containing NEEM, GERANIOL and LAVENDER oils – will have your special friend (and home) feeling great and smelling even better.


This premium quality anti-insect spray, specially formulated for cats, contains natural active ingredients that repel ticks, fleas and other insects. It is to be used at the time of infestation, to repel insects and can also be sprayed on the pet’s bedding and around the house. This product contains the highest quality essential oils of Neem, Geraniol and Lavender which are well known to have many properties, including repelling insects and improving general skin health. The oils are absorbed through the skin and hair, and the aroma provides a barrier around the pet preventing further infestation. The spray was developed by veterinarians in a laboratory and is used worldwide.


Product Features

– Natural active ingredients.
– Repels ticks, fleas, mites, mosquitoes and flies.
– Relieves dry, itchy, red and irritated skin and improves general skin health.
– Can be used around the house.
– Can be used on the pet’s bedding.


 Contains Neem Oil which is known to repel insects and hydrates the skin: reducing
itchiness, redness and irritation and promoting good general skin health
 Natural, pleasant fragrance
 Includes Geraniol and Lavender oils which form a barrier around the pet which can repel
 Adapted pH
 Suitable for frequent use

Instructions for use:
 Apply once or twice a day, holding the spray bottle at a distance of 20cm
 Avoid eyes and mucous membranes
 Safe for pregnant and lactating females, cats from the age of 3 months and
convalescing animals