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July 11, 2019
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Car Cuddler [Solvit]

R999.00 inc. VAT


The Car Cuddler is the quintessential dog bed for pups on the go. Combining your dog’s two loves – car rides and naps – the Car Cuddler is fitted for your car seats and boasts a plush central bed section with generous side bolsters to ensure a cozy ride for your pampered pup.

Constructed from micro-suede fabric and faux sheepskin, with a polyester fill, the Car Cuddler is machine washable. It protects your car seats while providing an exceptionally comfortable ride for your dog.

The “Small” option is perfect for a bucket seat or a portion of a bench seat, and fits pets up to 14 kg. It can also be used with the Solvit Safety Harness (sold separately: new model) to keep your pup safe while travelling. The “Large” size covers a full bench seat and is perfect for all size pets or multiple pets.

Dimensions: In the table below, “Bed depth” is the bed area (front to back) while “Total depth” also includes the seat back (front of bed to top of back). “Width” is from one side of the Cuddler to the other (this is where Small and Large options differ), while “Height” is the height of the bolster around the bed area.

Option – Small
Bed depth: 48cm
Total depth: 102cm
Width: 58cm
Height: 13cm

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