Wooden Gate Single Dowels (64cm high) – Needs to be drilled into the wall
June 21, 2016
Flat folding Medium Pet Playpen – 900mm high [Steel]
June 21, 2016
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Flat folding Large Pet Playpen – 1100mm high [Steel]

R2,940.00R5,020.00 inc. VAT


Flat-folding Dog Enclosure. Available as a pen or as add-on pen panels.
Pen is easier to erect but heavier to carry.
Add on panels takes a little longer to erect but is easier to carry around but both is basically the same thing.
Both can take add on panels at a later stage if you want to increase the size of your enclosure.

Shapes: square (4 panels) pentagon (5 panels) hexagon (6 panels)
octagon (8 panels), X (10 panels) or add on more if you need even

All include gates for easy access.

Small playpen panels are 95cm (L) x 60cm (H)
Medium playpen panels are each 1m (L) x 90cm (H)
Large playpen panels are each 1.2m (L) x 1.1m (H)

Additional information
Weight15.00 kg
Dimensions1200 × 10 × 1200 cm