Medium Flat Folding Crate [Steel]
June 23, 2022
X-Large Flat Folding Crate [Steel]
June 23, 2022
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Large Flat Folding Crate [Steel]

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Large BUDGET Crate – 900mm (L) x 700mm (H) x 700mm (W) = 10.5kg
Large STANDARD DELUXE Crate – 900mm (L) x 750mm (H) x 700mm (W) = 11.5kg

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PLEASE SEE: Crate training 101 when ordering a playpen for your fur baby.


Budget Flat-folding Crates are CHEAPER!!…. PLEASE READ.

Budget crates are 6 separate panels that you partly cable tie (we supply cable ties) together to create a more simpler (not weaker though) crate. Some panels are already permanently metal ringed together when you received the crate. Those rings are permanent and need not to be replaced when you open and flat fold the crate.  It has a combination of heavy duty metal rings and cable ties to keep the panels together.  Once cable tied together in approx. 3-5 minutes it becomes a very strong flat folding crate and the cable ties (stainless steel cable ties or re-useable cable ties can also be used) and metal rings allows the panels to folds up or open as well.


Standard Deluxe Flat-folding Crates

Our fold-up crates / cages / kennels opens or folds up in 10-15 seconds. Used at dog shows, puppy training, rescue, vets, recuperation after surgery, as holiday kennel, car travel, general containment at home or wherever you go, so many uses. We have been supplying the market with these beautiful and strong crates for the past 14 years with thousands of very satisfied customers. A “Lite” crate has bigger mesh holes than a standard crate thereby makes it lighter to carry around. A Lite crate is not for very small puppies as they will push their heads through the mesh holes. Standard crate mesh holes are 100mm (H) x 40mm (W), Lite mesh holes are 100mm (H) x 80mm (W)
Tip: When folding the crate up, drop the back panel in first then the front/gate panel. Takes 5-10 seconds to open or to fold up. So easy.


Ideal for:
Recuperation after surgery, car travel, puppy training, indoor kennel, holiday, lock-up from people or other dogs/pets, basically all that a standard fold-up crate can be use for.

However Budget crates are not ideal for dog shows due to the time (2-3 minutes) it takes to open and tie together but can certainly be used at dog shows especially if you bring the crate to the show already open.  Our STANDARD DELUXE Flat folding crate is recommended for dog shows as it is classified as one of our deluxe products and opens or folds-up in under 5 seconds.


Please read notes below, very important
1. Please Note: Traumatized / Aggressive dogs should not be left by themselves/unattended in any wire crate. For them heavy duty dog kennels are needed.
2. Mesh Hole Sizes: 100mm x 40mm / 50mm x 50mm / 100mm x 25mm
3. Floor plates and Spillage metal trays are made of 0.6mm galvanized plate. Not a necessity. Help with spillage though. All crates have a wire mesh floor.


We are the manufactures of these crates in South Africa for the past 13 years. Used by the SPCA, township rescue units, vets, doggy parlours, for house training, security, recuperation after surgery, car travel, holiday, everyday kennel. Extremely strong and durable, electroplated (silver colour).  Our products are 13 years in the making and are simply the best! We have thousands of happy clients.


Sizes of Crates and optional extras:
Some dog breeds are mentioned under BREED hereunder but is only a recommendation. See dimensions of crates and compare to the puppy/dog you wish to use for.


Optional extras:

Mattress Water Resistant-Hand wash
Crate Cover – Greyish Blue in colour
Metal Tray – Galvanized. Crate sits inside the tray. Catch all spills.
Floor plate. Made of 0.6mm galvanized plate. All crates have a wire mesh floor.
Mesh divider for “Potty” Training
Additional gate, instead of normal panel, in crate.
Sleeping Ledges – 400mm (L) x 300mm (W) CATS – Movable / Removable. Hang inside of crate. As many as required
Trolley with braked wheels, silver electroplated.  If required. Not a necessity


Large BUDGET Crate – 900mm (L) x 700mm (H) x 700mm (W) = 10.5kg
Large STANDARD DELUXE Crate – 900mm (L) x 750mm (H) x 700mm (W) = 11.5kg

Basset Hound, Keeshond, English Bull Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, Border Collie, Bull Terrier, Old English Sheepdog, Whippet, American Staffie, English Bulldog, Bearded Collie, Australian Bulldog, Basset Hound, Standard Schnauzer, Kerry Blue Terrier, English Springer Spaniel, Hungarian Vizsla, Belgium Shepard, Smallish German Shepard, Siberian Husky Australian Shepard

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Large Budget Crate, Large Standard Deluxe Crate, Large Mattress, Large Crate Cover, Large Metal Tray, Large Floor Plate, Large Mesh Divider, Additional Gate in Crate – Large, Large Trolley with Wheels, Sleeping Ledge