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July 4, 2018
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Perfect Cat Grooming Arch with Bag of Catnip

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  • Treat your cat with a fantastic grooming arch!
  • Make your cat happy.
  • Let them scratch and groom themselves on this arching post!
  • Using the durable bristles.
  • Aims to help stop shedding & more!
  • With infused catnip to keep them coming back for more.

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Treating your loyal pet to a grooming arch is a great way to say thank you for years of cuddles, sheepish looks and all-round cuteness. With catnip included to nibble on and durable bristles to brush against, your cat will relish this awesome arch. Make sure you’re your pets number one owner!

The cat self grooming arch is the new super smart grooming toy! It has a brushing and massaging arch made of durable, safe plastic bristles and a catnip infused, carpeted scratch base that will have kitty coming back time after time.

Features: Bristle arch feels soothing to rub against. Perfect for self-grooming and massaging. Helps to reduce shedding and matting. Carpeted base is perfect for scratching.

Product dimensions: 38cm (W) x 35.5cm (H)