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Pet Tracker

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Everything you need to track your pets in one small GPS tracking device.

Reliable Location Tracking

Using a simple, effective app.

Our pet tracker works great outdoors, but also really well indoors. Using the smartest GPS technology which links via the internet (cellular network) to the app where your fur baby can’t escape your reach :).

Even when indoors and out of reach of GPS we have you covered. Our pet tracker features advanced WiFi positioning giving you a very accurate indoor location or when all else fails we also make use of GSM triangulation which offers an estimated area where your pet might be hiding.

Pet Proof

Lightweight at just 36grams, waterproof & super-sturdy.  The GPS tracker fits snugly into a silicone sleeve to protect it from scratches.


Great Battery life. Who wants to be charging their pet tracker every day? We’ll not us 🙂 and that’s why we made sure we squeezed a huge 1 000mah battery into our pet tracker.

We’ve also included a magnetic charging contact to make it really easy to keep the 1000mah battery charged (and of course it keeps it water proof with no charging ports to keep sealed).

Track them with a GPS Pet tracker

It’s easy to keep a tail on your 4-legged family members – anywhere, any time.

Why Choose Our Pet Tracker?

We found that most pet trackers offer one big benefit but fall short on other important features.

Some have long battery life but a limited tracking radius. Some are really just a smartwatch with an extra sticker. Others have a fancy app that tells you if your pet is sleeping or moving, but run our of battery power a lot faster when it matters most.

Pet Tracker combines the best tech and features for accurate tracking you can count on:

Top Tech

GPS tracking – relied on by companies and individuals around the world
Easy-to-use app – Android & iOS
Button alert – if someone finds your pet, they can press the button to send their location directly to you

Stay Connected

All it needs is a SIM card
Low cost – only a few Rands per month of airtime (out of bundle)

Fantastic Value

No monthly fees

Powered Up

Excellent battery life – up to 7 days while they’re on the move
Low battery alerts
Charge with a customised magnetic attaching USB cable (included)

Comfortable & Durable

Attaches to any standard collar
Lightweight & compact
Waterproof, scratch-proof, dirt-proof – they can try anything!
Sits under your pet’s chin – comfortable and unlikely to catch on branches or corners

Built for pet lovers by pet loving tech experts
Who adore their fur ball
Built to be rugged

So your pet can go anywhere and still be tracked
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Keeping a tail on your loved ones

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