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June 21, 2016
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July 6, 2016
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Side door ramp adaptor

R385.00 inc. VAT



The Side Door Ramp Adapter connects pet ramps to side doors, providing backseat access for pets.

This product is compatible with the Deluxe Telescoping car access ramp, Deluxe XL Telescoping car access ramp, Deluxe Tri-Scope Telescoping car access ramp and the UltraLite bi-fold pet ramp.

Take the extended lengths of the different ramps, and then place a tape measure extended to that length from the tailgate of the car to the ground, at the angle the ramp would be. This will give you an idea of the gradient of each ramp. All the ramps will fit in the car somehow – the larger goes nicely behind the front seats. Customer must take note of measurements before they order.