Superyard Ultimate® [Plastic]
December 8, 2020
Superyard® Indoor-Outdoor Sand 8-Panel [Plastic]
December 10, 2020
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Superyard Ultimate® 8-Panel Ivory [Plastic]

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Being just a hop, skip, or a jump away is important to you, and the Toddleroo Superyard Ultimate® 8-Panel in ivory is an ideal solution for creating a safe play area for your child, both indoors or outside. The high-quality, eight-panel yard encloses up to 10 square meter and is 66cm high. The Superyard Ultimate features an Easy Access Door that opens easily with one hand, so you can be there in a snap! Just slide the latch back, lift the door up and out to open. Simply reverse this motion to close. Setting up the Superyard is easy, the eight interlocking panels are pre-connected — simply pull the panels out of the box, unfold and connect them together. Comes complete with skid-resistant pads, won’t slip or scratch, works on any surface. This versatile Superyard includes a convenient carry handle which makes this lightweight yard easy to bring the fun with you. Intended for use with children 6 to 24 months of age.


  • Location: Free-Standing Enclosure
  • Width: Encloses up to 10 square meter, or almost 2 meter across corner to corner
  • Mounting: Free-Standing
  • Height: 66cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Ivory-Linen
  • Versatile: Use it to keep children or pets safe in their own play area indoors or outdoors
  • Portable: Lightweight plastic panels are easy to set up and fold up quickly for transport or storage. No tools required!
  • Non-slip pads work on any surface and will not scratch hardwood floors
  • Assembly Tip: As you unfold each panel, you will hear a clicking sound which is the self-locking positioning feature. This intended feature gives the play yard added strength and stability


Do you make a door for the plastic Superyard?
The door panel is not available individually but is available as part of a 2-panel extension.  We offer it in three different versions:

We offer it in three different versions:

Colourplay Door Panel Extension, model #8752

Ivory Door Panel Extension, model #8772

Classic grey Door Panel Extension, model #8651

The door panel extension is not available in any other color.

My plastic Superyard does not fold easily. How do I fold the plastic Superyard?
The Superyard is, indeed, quite tight and is manufactured that way intentionally. This intended feature gives the yard added strength and stability. If the joints were not stiff, it could easily collapse when pressure is put on it, posing a safety threat to juveniles.

Please note that the yard folds like an accordion.  The panels can only be folded in one direction at the joint and if there is force put on it as it is being folded the wrong way, there is a risk of the plastic cracking.

Can I connect two plastic Superyards together?  What is the maximum number of panels that can be used with the Superyard?
We do not recommend using more than 8 panels at one time. It is certified by the JPMA with the use of only 8 panels or less. When more than 8 are used, the stability of the product will be compromised and it could collapse. Additionally, we only recommend using the 8-panel yard in the shape of a square or octagon. If you are using 6 panels, it is recommended to be set up only as a hexagon. This is so that the same amount of tension is placed on each of the joints, increasing its stability.

Can I stretch the Superyard out into one long gate? Do you have something to attach it to an opening?
The six-panel classic Superyard can act as an extra-wide barrier with the use of a Superyard Wall Mount Kit. It’s the perfect solution for homes with open floor plans or large spaces that need blocking off.  It will fit openings from 97cm to over 4.8 meter wide. It is not recommended to use the wall mounts with more than 6 panels or with any panels that contain the U-shaped door panel.

What are the measurements of my Superyard?
-Each panel is 66cm high and 81cm wide
-Panel with door opening is 58cm wide
-Space between panels is 5 cm wide
-Diamond hole is 3.8cm high and 3.8cm across
-4-panel enclosure is 2.1 square meter
-6-panel enclosure is 5.6 square meter
-8-panel enclosure is 10 square meter
-6-panel hexagon is 1.6 meter across (corner to corner)
-8-panel octagon is 1.6 to 2.1 meter across (corner to corner)

Do you sell replacement panels for the Superyard?
Regular replacement panels can be ordered by clicking on the magnifying glass search icon at the top of any page and typing the 4-digit model number of the Superyard into the search bar.  All individual panels will be displayed allowing you to add to your cart accordingly.

Can I special order a Superyard from you?
Special orders cannot be taken for our products.


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