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December 7, 2020
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December 7, 2020
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Universal Petgate [Plastic] (66 and 106cm)

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Keep your pet safe and secure with the Universal Petgate. Designed with this in mind, this versatile gate is designed to securely block doorways, stairways, and other spaces. Right out of the box, the Universal Petgate can be used as a quick and easy pressure mount gate, requiring no measuring or tools. Simply expand the gate in the opening and lock the handle. Well-suited to blocking doorways, the gate includes door sockets that provide extra holding power for pressure mounting in openings between 66 and 106cm wide. This gate can also be used as a swing gate or a gate for the top of a stairway, all of the necessary hardware is included, simply following the instructions.


  • Location: Between Rooms/Hallways, Top of Stairs, Various
  • Width: Adjusts to fit 66 and 106cm wide
  • Mounting: Hardware Mount, Pressure Mount
  • Height: 66cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Light Gray
  • Easy to use – expand gate in opening and engage pressure handle
  • Wall cups (door sockets) add extra security
  • Rounded edges will not pinch


Why does my Universal Petgate no longer stay tight where it is mounted?
Because this is a pressure-mounted gate, the gate requires a great amount of tension to be placed upon the panels to maintain a tight fit when properly installed. When installing the gate, you do not want to start with the panels tightly fitted into your space. You actually may want to have it fit into your space a little bit loosely, with the rubber bumpers lightly brushing the surface on each side. Once you lock the locking handle down into place, it will create the tension/pressure required by bumping the panels out a little bit. If you initially have it placed into the space too tightly, there is nowhere for that tension to go and will result in the plastic cracking or wearing. This can cause the handle, slide and/or gear to break and the gate will no longer hold pressure.

How do I get the hardware out from between the panels of my Universal Petgate? 
The best way to remove the hardware and foam is to lay the gate on a flat surface, such as the floor.  Extend the top panel out as much as you can. You may need to use your fingers to go through the holes to move the hardware into a position that will allow you to extend the top panel. The plastic webbing is somewhat flexible and has some give permitting you to either lift on the top webbing or push down on the lower webbing.  You can do this to create somewhat of an air pocket, allowing the pieces to slide towards the frame of the gate.  Once there, you can slide them out.


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