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Yoga Swing – Blue

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High quality anti-gravity inversion yoga swing that can be used by all ages, all body types and all fitness levels. Professional design that is perfect for home, the yoga studio, gym or outdoor tree bough suspension. Made with high strength, vibrant coloured parachute Nylon fabric that can hold up to 180Kg. Easy to install and disassemble. Included are large & comfortable thick padded foam handles and a spacious triple stitched swing seat pushing the boundaries of comfort during any aerial yoga swing exercise. All necessary accessories, including mounting accessories for concrete installations are included.

The swing is highly beneficial for:
• Natural pain and tension relief in the neck, back and shoulders.
• Stretching the spine, preventing and treating pain caused by long-term standing and fatigue, reducing vertebral pressure, eliminates muscle tension, removes physical stiffness and tiredness, and helps with rejuvenation.
• Increases fitness, helps to shape the body through inversion and traction therapy.
• Improves strength training by using one’s own body weight.
• Core strength – Strengthen and tightens the core muscles.
• Increases flexibility and balance.
• Deepen stretches.
• Improves blood circulation through the body, stimulates lymph flow.
• Enjoy the feeling of moving freely while floating through the air.
• Relaxes the mind.

What’s in the box
1 x triple stitched Yoga swing seat/hammock (2m x 1.4m); 2 x Yoga arms with 3 comfort size foam handles per yoga swing arm (Long=1.1m, Middle=0.6m, Short=0.3m), 2 x Multi-loop daisy chain adjustable extension belts for height adjustment, 4 x High strength carabiners, 2 x Concrete mounting sets (for concrete installations), 1 x Instruction guide, 1 x USB flash drive with free video material, 1 x portable yoga stock bag.

Additional information
Weight 3.00 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 20 cm