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zaBed Window Hammock / Sunny Seat

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Window Sunny Seat for 2-3 Cats – holds up to 22Kg

A new and exclusive product from the zaKatz range of toys, this stylish and easy to clean zaBed window Sunny Seat will soon become your cat’s favourite place in the house. The sturdy construction allows several cats to cuddle up or one big cat to really stretch out.

– Largest Sunny Seat available (67cm x 40cm), ideal for 2-3 cats to bask in the sun from a vantage point
– Easily assembled in minutes, for mounting in in windows and glass doors
– Place several zaBed’s into large windows to allow for more cats and jumping between seats
– Plastic coating of steel wires protects your cat

Mounting Instructions:
– Clean and dry the window chosen to mount the zaBed
– Hold the suction cups under hot tap water to clean and soften, then dry off
– Use a sponge with a drop dish washing liquid to moisten all suction cups and push the bed firmly into the window, pushing the air out of the cups with your fingers
– If the suction cups slide down the window, detach them & dry the window, attach again and repeat until the bed remains straight in the window
– Leave to dry for a couple of hours to get maximum cohesion

Cleaning Instructions:
– Wipe down the fabric with a damp cloth from both sides
– To machine wash, remove the zaBed from the window
– Partially disassemble the zaBed to remove the fabric and wash in cold water. Do not iron

To protect the fabric of the zaBed from dirt and damage, or to provide a softer cuddling space for your cat, place a blanket or thin pillow onto the bed that is the same size or smaller than the zaBed fabric.

– Weight: 0.7kg
– Dimensions: 36x18x8cm

What’s in the box
2 x lower suckers
2 x upper suckers with steel wires
2 x long front and rear connection pipes
2 x short left & right connection pipes
2 x front corner connectors
2 x back T connectors
1 x fabric cover