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January 28, 2020
zaKatz – Denim Refill For zaDog
January 28, 2020
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zaDog – Interactive Dog / Big Cat Toy Rod

R145.00 inc. VAT

Brought to you by zaKatz toys, the zaDog Collapsible Toy Rod with attached Guinea Fowl refill and spare Denim Refill – for dogs and big cats
Extra strong rod with plastic coated steel line for tough playing!
– Innovative: A unique toy for those dogs that have a hunting drive and like to catch things
– Interactive: Bond with your dog and create trust as you engage in interactive play
– Natural: Denim refill with 100% kapok filling
– Versatile: many different interchangeable Refills to always provide a new and interesting variation
– Practical: The approx. 105cm long rod can be collapsed in seconds for easy stowing in a draw
– Exchanged in seconds: Easy to exchange refill using the clip – open up, replace, close, done!
Easy to store, comfortable in the hand and the very flexible steel line allows extreme play with any of the available attachments. When not in use the zaDog can just be collapsed and stored in a draw.
The zaDog Rod is different from all other Rods that you have tried so far! It has been designed for dogs and big cats, to withstand chewing or breaking of the line even during rough play. The fast-moving Guinea Fowl Refill will trigger the hunting instinct of most dogs and every cat, exercising your pet through fun play.
Being very light, the zaDog Rod is extremely flexible to avoid hard jerks when the Refill is caught, but at the same time strong enough for serious action play with dogs and big cats. Extended the Rod is approx. 105cm long, the ideal length for comfortable playing without having to strain yourself. The thick soft handle provides a comfortable non-slip grip for optimal control. When not in use, the zaDog is collapsed to approx. one third of its length for easy storage in a draw.
Various Refills are available for the zaDog and can be replaced in seconds, there is no need to replace the Rod. See our other offers on takealot where you can choose from many different Refills for your zaDog Rod. The refills differ in the feathers used, colours and their rotating properties. Having multiple Refills for your zaDog Rod will keep the play varied and exciting while keeping your pet fit.
The rotation of the feathers and the swishing sound they produce make the zaBird Rod as good as real prey and different to other rods. The zaBird is primarily designed for outside use, due to the space required when the dog or cat jumps, but space permitting can also be used inside.
Developed and tested by breeders, the zaDog is recommended by veterinarian’s and breeders for keeping your pet fit. The rod takes rough play and stresses in its stride and is the perfect toy for everyone who has been looking for the species-appropriate way to exercise their dog or cat, while having fun yourself.
NOTE: The zaDog is an interactive toy and should never be left unattended with your dog or cat. When your pet has caught the end piece, take it away from it right away. The game is about catching, not chewing. The rod is collapsible for a reason, to put it away in a draw where your dog or cat cannot get to it, which it will try!