zaKatz – Rainbow Refill for zaBird Rod
January 28, 2020
zaKatz – Glitter Refill For zaBird Multi-Coloured Glitter With Bell
January 28, 2020
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zaKatz – Flying Fox Refill For zaBird Brown Feathers With Bell

R70.00 inc. VAT


Our range of cat toys begins with the zaBird, the best interactive cat toy for outdoors, with 6 different attachments that can be added or exchanged.

Manufactured to our own specifications, this rod feather toy is the evolution of years of playing with cats using various stick toys. Extreme flexibility, comfortable handle and durability are some of its key properties.

  • Innovative: A unique toy for pets with a hunting drive and like to catch things

  • Interactive: Bond with your dog and create trust as you engage in interactive play

  • Versatile: 10 different interchangeable Refills to always provide a new and interesting variation

  • Practical: The approximately 105cm long stick can be collapsed in seconds for easy
    stowing in a drawer

  • Interchangable attachments: Easy to exchange refill using the clip – open up, replace,
    close, done


Brought to you by zaKatz toys, the Chicken Refill is a Refill for the zaBird Cat Toy Rod.

  • Interactive: Comprising of two curved chicken feathers, this Refill rotates through the air like a ‘bird’
  • Innovative: The Chicken Refill makes a sound like a flapping bird while rotating – absolutely captivating for your cat
  • Natural: 100% real chicken feathers for a safe and species-appropriate playtime with your cat
  • Exchanged in Seconds: Easy to exchange using the clip – open up, replace, close, done!


zakatz – flying – fox

The Flying Fox Refill is the all-time favourite and perfect to extend your zaBird cat rod. Bring new life into the game and surprise your cat with a big, bushy feather component, that cats also love to carry around the house on its own.

Consisting of many brown and black real feathers, the Flying Fox is relatively large and fluffy and is therefore a mouth full of prey. It also has a small bell for additional attraction and hunting excitement. Carefully handmade from natural feathers, the Flying Fox Refill will endure many hours of play with your natural hunter.

We recommend using the Rainbow Refill with the zaBird cat rod, it can however be attached to many cat rods. The replacement is fast and easy!

Please Note: The zaBird is an interactive cat toy and should never be left unattended with your cat. When your cat has caught the end piece, take it away from it right away. The game is about catching, not chewing. The rod is collapsible for a reason, to put it away in a draw where your cat cannot get to it, which it will try!