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ZippyPaws Colossal Buddies

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Quality and beautifully designed plush toys, for the modern dog owner.

Your pup deserves a plush toy that’s just as cute and unique as they are! Dogs of all breeds and sizes adore the super-soft, cuddly texture of plush toys, it is not uncommon for dogs to become particularly attached to their favorite plush toy. Match the size of the toy to your dog, The stuffed toy should be small enough to carry around. For big breeds or heavy chewers ensure a toy with reinforced stiching and multiple layers.


Meet the Colossal Buddies, a group of fun and wild animals and characters that love to squeak, squeak, squeak! Stuffed with ZippyPaws special Colossal Squeaker instead of the usual polyester filling found in other dog toys, the Colossal Buddie is all squeaker and no stuffing. If your dog tends to rip apart toys and pull out the filling inside plush toys or you simply want a mess-free toy for your pet to play with, the Colossal Buddie is ideal. Colossal Buddies are small toys that pack a huge squeak! Contains no stuffing for durability and to ensure your pup’s safety. Fun, cute design makes it easy to carry for medium sized dogs.

Approx size: 17 x 10 x 7cm

Colossal Buddie – Frankenstein’s Monster

Colossal Buddie – Ladybug

Squeakie Buddie – Bunny

Colossal Buddie – Raccoon

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