Keeping your children safe by investing in a playpen or safety gate

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Keeping your children safe by investing in a playpen or safety gate

As parents, teachers, Au Pairs, nanny’s, cleaning lady’s etc. we know all too well how difficult it can be to juggle between completing a task while holding your baby in your arms. When you have a little one who started crawling or walking recently, all they want to do is to explore their world around them. There are times when you as a parent need to get some tasks done where you’re still in the same room as your baby, supervising him, but also need to be able to be as hands on as possible in order to accomplish a couple of things. The problem is, it only takes a minute for you to turn away from your child and he’s either chewing or sucking on something, sticking his fingers into holes or disappear and you have no idea how he managed to get away so fast.

A lot of parents do not baby proof their homes, for the simple reason that they either don’t know how or they don’t think it’s necessary, but accidents happen in the wink of an eye and this is where a safety gate and playpen can be very useful.

A playpen is meant to help a parent, not rid them of their responsibilities towards keeping an eye on a child. It is to free up both your hands and give you some time to finish cooking, answer emails, have a cup of tea, enjoy your lunch and at the same time also allow your child to play and develop independently on his own for a little while.  All you have to do is put up a playpen in the same room you are in; put some fun educational toys that your baby loves in there and it will be very safe for your child as long as you stay nearby.

This is an important message for parents. Accidents may happen in childhood, despite your best efforts. Here’s a list of some common childhood emergencies and accidents and the places they’re most likely to happen.


Common childhood accidents

Burns are one of the most common childhood accidental injuries. These include sunburns, electrical burns, and burns caused by stoves, lamps, matches, lighted cigarettes, and fireplaces. Other dangers include hot liquids and steam from a pan, cup, or hot water heater. Burns from bathwater are also common. Another common childhood injury is falling from infant seats, highchairs, changing tables, walkers and stairs.


Applications for playpens / safety gates:

1. Keep children safe from danger risks – The child cannot move away from the parent

2. Provide a safe play area for children
3. Playpens also work wonderful for pets! Restrict animals from bothering visitors – put animals inside the playpen for a short period of time. Also while there are other children, visitors, children eating etc.

4. Restrict children or animals from specific areas – adjust the playpen from wall to wall or around an object to keep children away from a cupboard, stairs, swimming pool, water bucket, fire places, stoves, heaters etc.


How to prevent childhood injury:

Safety gates – to use at stairs, hallways, door entrances etc.

Playpens – to keep your baby safe and secure in the same room you are in. Never leave a child unattended for any amount of time! A playpen helps parents who needs to complete tasks using both hands or need to have a minute without a baby or toddler in their arms.

Barriers – are great to block off heaters, stoves, fire places etc. especially during the freezing months ahead of us.

Every injury can be prevented. We at Shop Playpens supply sturdy, safe and tested products to help parents with this task.

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