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RelaxoPet – How does it work?

RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds is currently the strongest and most well-known method to change your pets’ behaviour subliminally while helping them achieve deep levels of relaxation. RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds can literally reprogramme your pets’ subconscious by removing their negative expectations and replacing destructive patterns with positive input. The animal easily achieves this transformation in a natural, relaxed manner by listening to RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds and the change takes place from the inside out. The key is to make sure you use RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds as instructed.


RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds for animals aren’t any big mystery. “Subliminal” refers to the unconscious aural perception of information delivered as “verbal stimulation below the animals’ ability to perceive consciously.” The key here is perception: a whisper two blocks away is well below the threshold of audibility, but it is also not perceived.

For the animal to perceive the information, neuron activity must be triggered within the brain. The animal’s ear perceives the harmonized tones and passes the impulses directly to its brain.

Subliminal perception is completely natural in animals

During the journey to the brain, these specially harmonized sound waves are absorbed by the animal’s ear into the ear canal. From there, they are transferred to the eardrum and middle ear and are passed by the pressure of the sound waves and three tiny bones in the animal’s inner ear. Here the cochlea and the special winding structures of the inner ear are equipped with sensory cells which receive the sound stimulus and forward the corresponding impulses to the brain.

These impulses then activate the neurons. Millions of these neurons convey information through the animal’s synapses while seeking attentiveness from the conscious mind. Neurons are never neutral. They are either “on” or “off”. Therefore, the threshold of consciousness and the level of perception are determined by the amount of neuron activity. Without neuron activity, the animal does not perceive the information.

RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds address both the left and right hemispheres of the animal’s brain.

It is known that the animal brain is divided into two halves, the right and left cerebra. The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical, rational thinking, while the right is responsible for spatial, holistic perspective. The left half is responsible for processing sounds and noises and works step-by-step, while the right half is the center of the animal’s emotions and works in parallel (holistically).

The left hemisphere is the seat of logic, rational justifications and defense mechanisms. This is the area targeted by the RelaxoPet© subliminal sequence. RelaxoPet© has developed a method to address both halves of the animal’s brain with its subliminal sounds in specific sequences in ultra-frequency range. Research has shown that the left hemisphere is interested in assessing the correctness and accuracy of the information itself, while the right engages in free association. The left half of the brain, researchers assume, understands sounds and sound patterns, while the right perceives them as images and
emotionally. Sounds and noises are received by the right hemisphere as part of unconscious reflection, turned upside down and thus perceived the same way as the eye perceives the world, namely upside down.

With more than 5 years of intensive research and development work, German therapist Frank Bendix has developed and patented completely new subliminal sound sequences for animals that integrate previously unrecognized aspects of brain research in animals. This has resulted in a method that consistently adapts the affirmations to the basic information carrier so that the animal’s subconscious consistently receives and perceives the subliminal sequences as positive.

Interpolated affirmations are mixed in the overall audio material to create a purely subliminal sequence of sounds that the animal’s owner also perceives without actually hearing them. All of the affirmations are interpolated into the audio material and are available in versions for horses (stressless/relaxing/activity), dogs (stressless/relaxing) and cats (stressless/relaxing).

The different versions of the programs use special melodies to interpolate the messages in a specially patented method so that they are absorbed in a range that is audible to that species. The melodies are quiet and lilting and create a sense of balance, lighten the mood, and open the mind to positive subliminal sequences. Pet owners are amazing at how quick the effect of RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds is.

Pet owners do not have to listed to spoken words or sounds as is common with other relaxation melodies and compositions. Pet owners may notice a high pitched tone or tone sequence in their audible spectrum. These subliminal messages (depending on the version type), embedded in melodies, enter the animal’s brain through its ears and the electrical impulses are converted into meaningful message units.

The animal’s conscious mind is unable to separate the subliminal sounds from the melodies, while the subconscious mind, with its huge reservoir of knowledge and skills, easily recognizes the harmonized subliminal messages.

Different devices have been developed specifically for dogs, cats, birds and horses.

For comprehensive information about our products, please visit our website at www.relaxopet.com.

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