About Us

Finding and maintaining health and balance in life is a challenge, never mind doing the same for your children and pets, but when you succeed the pay offs are huge.

You have the power to make positive decisions which affect your children’s development, be it social, emotional, cognitive, physical or creative, and we are here to help.

We pride ourselves in our unique & keepsake products (handcrafted, eco-friendly and natural heirlooms). We always offer exceptional personalised customer service.

We hope you will grow to love our web store as much as we do and that you will find everything you might need and more as a parent.

Play is a natural form of self-expression, a medium for experimentation, communication and learning. Through independent play a child can make sense of feelings, frustrations and new experiences. Play can be joyful and care free but also serious work. Play can connect a child with his inner self, help families share and deepen friendships. Play can provide a way to express deep feelings, conflict, hopes and fears. It taps into the natural self-healing capacity of the child. Independent play is vital to every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. It helps make learning concrete for all children and young people including those for whom verbal communication may be difficult.” Play-therapist


Our mission

Our role is not only to alleviate the stress working parents might have, but also to help bridge that gap for stay-at-home moms or dads after the baby starts to crawl by offering reliable and customized solutions to help ease the frustration at times you just need an extra hand.

Our vision

We live to collaborate, to create changes in education and childcare. We live to make value, to share and spread our passion. We live to enrich lives and to better communication and times shared between parents and children.

Our belief

We love intuitive applications and products. Therefore we create great products to encourage independent learning and intuitive play. To produce great work, you only need to be good at one thing, and to love it. We make your life that much easier.

f9ba40_46cbe18729e74337a93b00df2672dc27As a 27 year old qualified Montessori directress, Corleen started her business in 2012 by applying all safety and valuable aspects needed by parents and owners to the products her company currently distributes. By being creative and having an absolute passion for the safety and well being of children and pets, this was a challenge to find affordable and child friendly products but proved to be a huge success once the products were introduced to the South African market.

Corleen’s talents also include the gift of understanding the young child’s mind, and to integrate her love for the little ones with her work. She is also an avid cat lover, and has two felines (Trixie and Nushka) who rule her!

The current range from Shop Playpens includes baby / toddler playpens, pet playpens, safety gates and barriers, foam puzzles, easels, kinetic sand, high chairs, outside gates (water and sand fun), child safety straps, teething necklaces, mommy I’m here, bathroom products (tap extenders, potty training products), etc.

Offering exceptional client service is of the highest importance to myself and my staff, and we strive to satisfy all our clients in the best possible way.

Due to high season, some orders might be delayed by a couple of days. Kindly contact us prior to confirming an order on our website, as limited stock will be available for delivery from the 15th of Dec 2017 thru to the 7th of Jan 2018. Happy holidays! Dismiss