Our Medical Pet Shirts and Pet Recovery Garments are the best way to help your pet recover from a medical procedure or health issue without the need for the dreaded ‘cone of shame’. Medical Pet Shirts and Pet Recovery Garments have been loved by vets and pet owners around the world for over a decade and are finally available here in South Africa. Options for all pets and medical issues Our at home recovery range has 4 different recovery design types, covering the chest, back, belly and both front paws. Our veterinary range has 9 different recovery designs, covering the chest, back, belly, both front paws, both hind paws, head, neck and individual paw boots. The cooling vest covers the chest, back and belly and aids your pets in cooling down using a patented cooling system. It is effective for high heat environments or medical fevers alike. We have sizes to accommodate all pets from small cats right through to large dogs. Why ditch the cone? The cone is stressful and uncomfortable for your pets. Pets can’t walk through doors, eat or get comfortable which causes additional stress and slows the recovery process. Cones are like an earn horn amplifying the sounds your pets hear while wearing them and they remove your pets spatial awareness causing further anxiety. The cone isn’t even all that effective under most circumstances. It only prevents your pet’s head from accessing a wound while leaving it exposed to limbs or the environment. Do the best for your pet with a genuine MPS or Suitical recovery garment.

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