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Which delivery option should I choose?
Can I collect my order?

Only some of our products can be collected. Because of the many different warehouses we have across South Africa, product availability is different at each one. Please contact us with the product / products you are interested in, to first check where the order can be collected from, before selecting “book own courier” when checking out. Depending on the products you select, collection might not always be possible in your area.

How do I order?

Orders are placed online You click ADD TO BASKET for the items you want to purchase. To finalize, go to VIEW CART. Payment is by credit card or EFT/Bank Deposit. Once payment reflects in our bank account, we will dispatch the order.

Do I need to register as a user to buy?

No, you can purchase as a guest on our website. However if you want to purchase frequently, it would be advised to register as your details are then saved for the checkout.

How do I log in as a user?

You can log in as a user here:

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you have registered as a user and you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here:

How is my order delivered to me?

We have partnered with top courier companies in South Africa to offer you the best deliver service possible. We deliver in all areas in South Africa. Farms, rural areas and townships have an excess charge to deliver. Delivery times: Main cities is 2-3 working days from when payment is received, outlying areas are 2-5 working days depending on the area and when payment is received.

What is the price for delivery?

Due to the size of our products, courier to Main cities is charged at a set fee of R195.00 and for outlying/regional areas is R270, unless otherwise stated. *Courier rates are subject to change at any time.

How do I pay for my order?

Payment for online purchases are by the following methods:

  • Payment by EFT or bank deposit. Goods will only be dispatched once payment reflects and is cleared on the bank account.
  • Payment by credit card facilitated by PAYFAST. Secure payment by credit card – Visa and Mastercard only through Payfast who act as a gateway for the bank. All details given for the credit card transaction is strictly confidential and only submitted to the bank. Shop Playpens does not have access to these details.
How do I track my order?

You can track your parcels here: The Courier Guy:

Wish List/CART

Your  wish list/cart is just that. A wish list/cart does not secure your order or the products on the website. Please check availability of items in your wish list before you finalize your order as we cannot guarantee availability of the products.

Why should I buy a playpen?

These high-sided, enclosed play areas are popular because they allow parents to put their baby down with the knowledge that their little one can’t wander off. However, playpens are no substitute for adult supervision — never leave a child unattended in a playpen.

play pen

Both my children have spent more than a few hours in our playpen in the first year of their lives. At the beginning it was just a nice place where they could lie and look at the mobile or play with the baby-gym. When they could sit it was a place where pillows and special toys were kept — a place to put them when I needed both my hands. When they started to crawl it became a safe place where they could also experiment with some new moves. Even when they were older than 12 months I put them in the playpen always surrounded by toys or books.

Pick the Perfect Playpen for Your Playful Baby


Why include a playpen in your home? Well, it serves an important function. It confines your active baby in a safe and cosy cocoon, with limited area, while you are busy with a chore. But it isn’t often easy to pick the right playpen for your little one.

Before you make a purchase decision, you need to answer the relevant questions.

Where do you put it? This is one factor you need to consider carefully. It may not be of any use in the nursery, as the crib is already there for your little one. It is best to keep it somewhere else such as the living or dining room.

While a playpen can help keep your baby within a restricted space, it doesn’t mean you can leave them without any supervision. Its purpose is to keep your baby confined when you handle chores like cutting vegetables or cleaning carpets.

It is, therefore, a good idea to keep it somewhere you can keep an eye on. After you have decided the spot, measure it to know which playpen will fit. Getting something too big or too small for the space will defeat the purpose.

How do you ensure it’s a safe choice? There are specific guidelines to the safety of playpens for children. When you make a decision, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • It must be sturdy to ensure it doesn’t tip over when your baby leans on its sides

  • It must be at least 50cm high and the slats must be spaced around 8-10cm

  • It must be secured with latches to lock each of the foldable parts

  • It must be free from any sharp edges or from any parts that holdup clothes

It’s best to refrain from choosing a used product, as it may not adhere to the current safety standards. Opt for a baby enclosure from a good brand e.g, Shop Playpens or TikkTokk Playpens. It will provide the best benefit – peace of mind about your baby’s safety.

What do you need to make it comfy? Next to the safety factor is the question about your baby’s comfort. If the inside of the playpen isn’t snug, it won’t be well-liked by your son or daughter, especially if he/she has to be in there for considerable time.

Make sure the padding on the floor of the playpen is soft and smooth. If you are considering a hand-me-down, check whether the padding underfoot shows any signs of wear and tear. Again, a used playpen may not be your best choice.

Also, refrain from adding blankets or cushions in the play space. This may pose as choking hazards. If you have to buy the padding later because the original is damaged, make sure it fits properly to provide the same comfy feel.

How much do you spend on it? The expense is another consideration. Many parents have one concern – is it any use investing in something that their baby will soon outgrow? This is also why many parents opt for a used playpen.

As a parent, you are sure to consider your child’s safety and comfort to be of primary concern. In such a circumstance, you cannot opt for anything but the best for him/her. And don’t fret; shop smart and you will be able to save quite a lot on this.

The easiest way to cut costs is to look for discounts available on purchase. And the holidays are the best time to go bargain hunting. In fact, you need not look far. We, at SP, are offering great deals on the high-quality and durable SP playpens and the TikkTokk playpens.

What about the aesthetics? Last, but never the least, comes the question of the look of the playpen. If you are planning to tuck it away from view, you need not bother about this much. But in today’s open plan homes, it may pose as a design dilemma.

faq - play pen

Don’t worry; today’s makers understand your troubles. Take for example, the TikkTokk Playpen – Colourful. It can fit into an eclectic, contemporary or casual decor scheme with ease. And it can keep your child within view even in the living room.

faq playpen

Want something a little more elegant? Opt for the minimalistic TikkTokk Playpen – Natural. It will blend in effortlessly into your chic space and remain inconspicuous too. Surely, the choices will solve your dilemma at once.

Use common sense when you pick a playpen for kids to ensure it’s a correct choice.