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April 20, 2018
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June 27, 2018
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Balance Bike in Blue & Yellow

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A bike without pedals? You might be asking, ‘What is this nonsense?’ But where there are no pedals, there are fewer scratches, slower speeds, less falls and better balancing practice. Rest-assured knowing that your elated little one is riding around better protected against the usual line-up of bumps and owies.

SAFER – When a tiny rider is riding the Balance Bike, feet can easily reach the ground. Because there are no pedals, kids scoot themselves along, constantly using their own legs to help with balance. This prevents them from gaining too much speed, leading to out-of-control rides and accidents with minor injuries.

IF THEY CAN WALK, THEY CAN RIDE – This Kids Balance Bike, featuring a high-tensile strength steel frame, is lightweight and virtually indestructible. Its step-through frame allows for getting on and off easily and low-maintenance tread tyres provide long lasting grip and durability. The Kids Balance Bike is worry-reduced, super-excited fun on two wheels.

SMARTER – This Kids Balance Bike takes pedalling out of the picture in order that your child can concentrate on developing balancing skills. Balance bikes, unlike trikes and bikes with training wheels, allow children to learn to ride more intuitively, developing body awareness and coordination. When it comes the time for transition to a two-wheeled bicycle with pedals, balance cyclists ride better, faster and are more secure.

EASIER – The Kids Balance Bike requires minimal assembly and basically no maintenance. The high-tensile strength steel frame and fork are virtually indestructible. The tyres are unpoppable. The handles and seat post are adjustable. No pedals and no brake mean no upkeep!

GROWS WITH YOUR TINY RIDER -The Kids Balance Bike has adjustable seat and handlebars for a custom fit. Extend the seat post and stem as needed to accommodate your growing kiddo.

EARLY DEVELOPMENT – A push bike inspires confidence and teaches the fundamentals of balance. It also strengthens muscles to lean, steer, move and walk. This balance bike is appropriate for children aged 18 months to 5 years old. It is low to the floor, so kids can have full control and stop when needed.

Tell me more?
– Easy-to-assemble step-by-step instructions
– Indestructible Frame
– Lightweight and Manoeuvrable
– Maintenance-Free
– 18 Months to 5 Years
– Intuitive Riding
– Simple Pedal-Free Push Bike
– Adjustable Seat and Handlebar to Fit Growing Kids
– Stable and Less Likely to Tip Over
– Minimal Assembly
– Indoor or Outdoor
– Less Risk of Injury
– CTN Size: 85*17*48 CM
– Weight: 2.5 KG

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