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October 10, 2019
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October 10, 2019
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Medium to X-Large Hamster / Rat Ball

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Hamsters love to exercise and using a hamster ball is one of the most popular methods for them to do so. Hamster balls are great, because they can allow your hamster to explore without getting lost or stuck, or eating things they shouldn’t. By taking a few precautions, learning about some common risks, and taking steps to stay safe, you can keep your hamster happy while using its ball.

1. Place the ball in your hamster’s cage. Introduce the ball to your hamster by placing it inside its cage, with the ball door open. Give it some time to explore the hamster ball and allow it to enter the ball on its own. Never force your hamster to enter the ball if it does not want to go.
2. Once it is inside the ball, gently remove it from the cage and close the ball.
3. Close off an area where your hamster is safe. Before you place the hamster ball on the floor, determine where you will allow your hamster to go. Avoid any areas with other pets, drop-offs, obstacles, or stairs. Close any doors and lock up any pets.
4. Let your hamster play for 15 to 30 minutes. Set your hamster on the floor in a safe area, and allow it to run for half an hour or less. It is crucial for you to supervise your hamster the entire time to avoid accidents or injuries.
If your hamster starts leaving droppings in the ball, discontinue play time and clean out the ball.
Never leave your hamster in the ball for extended periods of time or overnight. They need regular access to food and water, which they do not have in the ball.

Choose a ball large enough for your hamster. Selecting the right size hamster ball helps to prevent back arching and keep your hamster comfortable and safe. Hamster balls need to be least 12cm in diameter for dwarf hamsters, and at least 20cm for Syrian hamsters.

Wash your hamster ball regularly. Hamster balls can become infested with germs. Your hamster can bring germs in on its feet and it may urinate/defecate inside the ball. It is a good idea to clean the ball on a daily basis. Remove any dropping or debris, and wipe out the inside using the same disinfectant solution you use for your hamster’s cage. Then rinse and dry the ball completely before your hamster uses it again.
Anytime your hamster leaves droppings inside the ball, clean them out right away.

Medium – 12cm diameter
Large – 15cm diameter
XLarge – 22cm diameter

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