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Pet Water Rescue-Ramp®- Regular

R1,497.00 inc. VAT


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Lead time – 3-7 business days.

Hardware for attaching to the pool deck HAS been supplied but due to the wide variety of deck types and materials, we suggest you please consult with your local hardware store or pool service company to make the appropriate selection as to how to attach it to your pool.

There is no “one” right way to attach the bolts; however, we suggest that you:

Find a spot visible from all parts of the pool, with minimal deck traffic and activity–this could be next to build in steps (as a training mechanism), farther down the pool sidewall, or beside the skimmer basket, but do not block the skimmer basket with the ramp!

Regular – Suitable for: up to 12 kg, shorter bodies Width: 33 cm Length: 63.5 cm
Large – Suitable for: up to 65 kg, and longer bodies (e.g. Dachshunds, Corgis) Width: 33 cm Length: 96 cm


Our Water Exit-Ramp is for animals, to HELP PREVENT DROWNING.




The Water Exit-Ramp for dogs and other creatures: for use in pools, water features, drinking troughs, dams, and against boats and jetties. Can easily be seen by animals when at water level –  all animals see white.


Slates to help pets climb. No holes, so no danger of paws getting stuck.
Super easy to assemble. So many uses.
Proudly made and tested in South Africa.

Patent pending.


Water Exit-Ramp is an escape ramp: a means of preventing animals and pets from drowning.


The science is that ALL living beings – domestic or wild bugs, animals, or humans whether they are color blind or not – see 550 nm wavelength, which is the color white. As long as the Water Exit-Ramp is installed so that a few inches of the nose (curved) end are under water and the ramp breaks the surface, the animal will see it. The other end of the ramp is like a box lid, and it is that open-box-lid end that must be snug to a vertical wall (whether it’s a pool, floating or fixed dock, walled pond, spa, stern/swim platform of a boat, or water troughs in pastures and remote ranch land) in order to provide the rigidity necessary for an animal to climb out on the ramp.


Tips for training your dog to use the Water Exit-Ramp


You wouldn’t let your children swim without teaching them how to get into and out of the pool safely so why wouldn’t you do the same for your dog? Most can swim, but not all do it well. Some love the water, and others don’t. Regardless, the principle behind the Water Exit-Ramp is to keep them safe and help them to get out of the water when they need to on their own.


Dogs are different!


We know that dogs are the one animal that needs to be trained to use the Water Exit-Ramp. Why? Because they expect you to rescue/help them! Dogs have become so domesticated over the years that they have lost many of the instincts that enable other pets and animals (cats, rabbits, frogs, etc) to use the Water Exit-Ramp without hesitation. These other animals see the ramp leading out of the water, swim over to it, and climb out.


Here are a few tips for training your dog to use the Water Exit-Ramp:


  • It helps to have two people, if possible, one in the water with the dog and one outside behind the ramp. If you are alone, start out in the water and then after a few tries get out and position yourself behind the ramp.
  • From the water, stand behind the dog, and guide him to swim to the ramp, so that he heads toward it straight-on, not from the side or at an angle.
  • The person outside the water should issue encouragement, call the dog, hold out his favourite treat, praise it, etc.
  • Help him climb up the first few times – he will probably struggle, flail a bit and even slip around. Remember, he is on plastic and not used to walking on something that is not firm ground!
  • Once the dog has gotten up the ramp with your assistance a few times, get out of the water and position yourself behind the ramp and have him come to you on his own. Holding out a treat as an encouragement often helps!
  • What you want is for your dog to use this white ramp as its marker, and to get out of the water safely. That means you might want to install it next to the steps at your pool, so that your pet swims to the ramp and exits on the steps as you do, or on the ramp – either way it gets out. Some dogs are better at getting out than others, and some are faster learners. It is simply important for them to be familiar with the ramp, and know that it is a means of getting out of the water!
  • As this is something of a trick, and a learned skill, it is good to repeat this training once or twice over swimming season, and also at other times during a year (depending on where you live).
  • Please understand, the learning process is not always pretty! Training animals is a skill, and there are people who do this for a living if you do not wish to.


Your dog now knows he can get out of the water using the Water Exit-Ramp! Even if he is not a big water dog, it is helpful for him to know just in case!



Dogs are the only animals that have to be trained to use the Water Exit-Ramps! Cats, meerkat, rabbits, rats, frogs, snakes, even spiders all go to it instinctively.


Training your dog to use the Water Exit-Ramp


The Water Exit-Ramp is the only pet water safety device that gives you all of the following::

  • Protects pets and other animals from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own.
  • Patent Pending design.
  • Helps ensure no more unpleasant morning surprises.
  • White because all creatures see white.
  • Most animals (except dogs) remain very instinctive when it comes to getting out, and do not need to be trained to use the ramp (dogs can usually be trained easily with some treats and coaxing).
  • Suitable for farm use in drinking troughs – wild animals that fall in are able to escape, and thus the water isn’t fouled by a decaying carcass.


Using the Water Exit-Ramp on farms…

  • If desired, simply flip it out when the pool is in use, and flip it back in to safeguard your pet when you leave the pool area.
  • Use the Large Water Exit-Ramp for dock or boat use, regardless of the wild animal or pet’s size! Note: boat installation will vary, and in some cases may require ingenuity, because unlike pool design boat design is not universally consistent.
  • Easy to assemble and install – full instructions are included.
  • 1-Year warranty against product manufacturer defect (does not cover improper installation).
  • Safe for, and even designed for, vinyl-lined pools.
  • Durable, strong, affordable, lightweight, elegantly simple!
  • Made of strong, lightweight, polyethylene.


The Water Exit-Ramp comes in two sizes:

  • Regular – for pets under 20kg, wild animals and farm stock tanks and water troughs.
  • Large – for larger pets, and for any animal up to 50kgs, or to use with docks and boats


*Instructions are given on how to train animals to use the water exit ramp. This product is used at the owners own risk. Shop Playpens cannot be held responsible if it is used or installed incorrectly or if pets aren’t properly trained. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to the terms above and agree to take full responsibility for usage of this product. 

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