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Window ventilation lattice

R160.00R235.00 inc. VAT


This plastic ventilation lattice lets fresh air into the car, while ensuring that your pet cannot escape or bite through the open window.

With two sizes available, this product is suitable for all normal window widths (i.e. they are not suitable for bakkie canopy windows or other non-standard windows).

Flexible design allows the lattice to curve to the window shape for an easy snug fit.


Standard Black   20-70 cm (Width range)
Large Black   30-110 cm (Width range)


Godfrey, Durban, South Africa [12th January 2016]

Thank you we are delighted.

This puts a stop to so much nonsense including my brother closing the windows and making the car uncomfortable for the family, not to mention the doggies trying to get at passers by through open windows. Or people trying to reach in through the open windows. Also the grill helps by shading the rear interior of the vehicle.

A suggestion is to add to the promotional information that the grill curves to the window shape for a easy snug fit.

We even tested the product for durability by taking the dogs to a site where monkeys are known to frequent and the sight and smell of them will make the dogs a little crazy with prey drive. The grill stood up to the test very very well, with no give on the part of the grill.

I’ll also add our cat likes to come on car rides, the grill prevents the cat from leaving the vehicle to accompany my son on his shopping trip into the local supermarket, allowing us to have the back windows open and the cat with us.

Bridget, Cape Town, South Africa [10th April 2014]

Thanks so much – these have arrived safe and sound! My car is currently being repaired, so when I have it back, I will fit them and send a pic of him and my other border collie safely behind them. Poor Nandi (my other rescue:)) will not be happy as she loves travelling with her head in the wind ūüôĀ

Diane, Scottburgh, South Africa [19th November 2013]

The product was really as in the pictures & worked as promised.

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