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Brought to you by zaKatz toys, the Interactive Flopping Fish zaFish is an innovative tech toy for dogs and cats that realistically mimics the flopping of a stranded fish.

Life size fish with a cat nip attractor that is activated when touched. The mechanism can be removed and used in a replacement fish cover. Watch the video to see how cats throw the fish into the air.

– Motion sensor activated, but there is an off switch
– The tail flap has 3 realistic movement modes of a stranded fish
– Re-fillable porous Catnip bag for initial attraction to start the movement
– Re-chargeable battery through a standard Micro USB cable and charger
– Fully charged in one hour, one charge provides 150 movement cycles

The 3 realistic movements of a stranded fish will keep your cat entertained for hours. Made from a soft fabric, the zaFish contains a porous re-fillable catnip bag that will entice your cat to touch the fish, which will activate the motion sensor and the tail flap will cycle through the three-movement modes sequentially.
When not moved after a cycle completes, the zaFish will go into auto-sleep until it detects motion again. There is no need to turn off the zaFish unless you don’t want it to move (e.g. at night).

When charging the zaFish using the micro USB cable, wait for the light to turn green before using. To replace the catnip in the re-fillable catnip bag, pull apart the Velcro on the side of the zaFish and insert the catnip bag in the pouch. Do not use loose catnip in the pouch as this may damage the mechanism.